Malin’s Straight Hardwire Helps Solve Toothy Problems


Malin’s Straight Hardwire Helps Solve Toothy Problems

By Capt. Ted Lund


Spin, conventional and fly fishermen looking to solve toothy problems posed by popular gamefish like king mackerel, barracuda, muskie, pike, sharks, and others will want to check out Malin Company’s Straight Leader.

Engineered to the highest standards, Straight Leader is the highest quality, straightest leader wire available for today’s serious tournament anglers, weekend warriors or world record seekers.

Available in 25-pound through 110-pound strength, Straight Leader is made using a proprietary process that actually makes the wire easier to twist and more kink resistant — second only to Malin’s BOA No-Kink Titanium Leader Material.

In addition to making the material more kink-resistant, Malin’s straightening process also makes it easier to work with when tying knots like the Albright Special or Haywire Twist. It is also easier to break off the ends making for a safer connection that doesn’t threaten to cut anglers or crews when boating big fish.

Straight Leader wire is offered in three different pre-cut lengths.

The 12-inch lengths are perfect for fly fishermen, who are not allowed more than 12 inches of bite tippet according to the angling rules of the International Game Fish Association. For those casting artificial plugs, bucktail or metal vertical jigs, 24 -inch lengths are ideal. The longer 36-inch sections are sure to be popular among tournament anglers chasing big king mackerel using double-hook stinger rigs.

Straight Leader is packaged in clear, rigid plastic tubes to help keep its straightness, and each tube contains 300 feet of leader material, regardless of the length.

Malin Straight Leader is available in both the dark coffee color and the bright finishes. Other sizes and lengths are available upon request.

The world’s leading manufacturer of wire products for the fishing, medical and industrial sectors, Malin Co. is the top choice for discriminating anglers around the world.

For more information about or to purchase Malin’s Straight Leader, visit or to order Malin’s Straight Leader email for more wire rigging tips, check them out on YouTube.




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