Have a Memorable Whitetail Hunt in Texas with Double Diamond Outfitters


Have a Memorable Whitetail Hunt in Texas with Double Diamond Outfitters


Out of the approximately 20 million whitetails roaming America, about 4 million call Texas home. With those statistics, it’s no wonder the whitetail deer is the most hunted big game animal in the United States, and Texas is one of the most lucrative places to nab that trophy buck you’ve been dreaming off since last season came to a close.

Found in the multitude of brushy and wooded areas throughout the state, hunters are on the edge of their seats waiting to gear up for the November 3rd season opener. With sizes varying from region to region, the mature whitetail bucks are 3′-4′ tall and typically weigh 110 to over 200 pounds in parts of the Texas Panhandle and South Texas.

It was almost 15 years ago, while headed home from a 7-day elk hunt in Colorado that an avid hunter decided it was time for a change in the outfitting industry and decided that their lifelong dream – which came to be known as Double Diamond Outfitters – would make those changes happen.

To ensure the hunter has the most memorable experience possible, and the absolute best opportunity to bring home a true trophy, Double Diamond is the place to book your trip. Through DD, each client has exclusive rights to the ranch for the duration of the hunt. Offering some of the best private ranches in the state, each hunt will be tailored to the specific needs and desires of every individual.

These ranch choices are, quite literally, some of the very best in South and Central Texas – intensely managed to allow the bucks to reach maturity before they’re harvested. In other words, there are no worries about hunting an ear-tagged, three-year-old whitetail released from a deer pen in September. You are looking at having an authentic deer hunting experience for mature, native whitetail deer.

Make no mistake, by booking early with Double Diamond Outfitters; you are the one in charge. The hunt you schedule is for one and all. From individuals to friends, families to corporate groups, or any combination. And included in all of the Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting Excursions, meals, lodging, guides, transportation around the ranch, field care for your trophies – everything you can think of – is provided.

With such a large variety of trips to choose from, take a quick look at some of the ones Double Diamond offers:

The Management Hunt Package (starting at $3500) includes four days and three nights, one buck scoring up to 140″ B&C, and hog and varmint hunting (once buck is harvested). If wishing to choose the Trophy Hunt Package (starting at $4500), you and yours are looking at five days and four nights, one buck scoring 140″+ B&C, and hog & varmint hunting (once buck is harvested). And those are just a small sample of what DD has in store for you.

For the eager hunter, time seems to move a bit slower in the dead heat of summer. But soon the dove hunt will begin and, before you know it, all the rest of the incredible hunting seasons will commence. So as you sit there before your computer screen, waiting to book the best location with one of the best guide services in Texas for your 2018/2019 whitetail experience, check out all the opportunities just waiting for you at www.huntdoublediamond.com.



Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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