Carolina Skiff: Celebrating a Legacy While Ushering in the New Year


Carolina Skiff: Celebrating a Legacy While Ushering in the New Year

By Amy Lignor

Webster’sdefines “legacy” as being a gift bestowed upon others. An award that is handed down to generation after generation so  they can  enjoy the amazing body of work that the original builders of the legacy quite literally brought to life.

Carolina Skiff: Celebrating a Legacy While Ushering in the New Year

There is  no better word to describe Carolina Skiff and the team that worked together for over 30 years to build one of the most trusted, durable, dependable and reliable models of boats in the market today.

Durability is the foundation of Carolina Skiff starting from the first hull manufactured to today. This philosophy continues, and 2019 will be better than ever!

Now is a great time to check out all of the models of Carolina Skiff and Sea Chaser boats. Take the time to visit your local dealer or perhaps check out a few local boat shows and see the Carolina Skiff and Sea Chaser models for yourself. Carolina Skiff has a great Boat Show Schedule plus a detailed Dealer Locator to assist you with finding a great dealer in their network for you to visit.

With Carolina Skiff and Sea Chaser Boats, models are designed to meet every need including pleasure, fishing, runabouts and even commercial/workboats that are made of the highest quality, the most stunning styles, and offer the most amazing values that can be found. With over thirty years under their belt, this is a true legacy that includes more than 60 models to choose from, covering all the needs and desires of people out there wishing for that “perfect” boat that meets their personal, recreational, and commercial needs.

Carolina Skiff: Celebrating a Legacy While Ushering in the New Year

Versatility.Durability. Value. These adjectives perfectly describe the Carolina Skiff brand. Boating enthusiasts will tell you what they already know about the company: When purchasing a boat, this is one company that has worked hard to build and maintain a stellar reputation for always creating the most durable, versatile, stable and economical boats on the planet. In fact, from fit to finish, their boats provide the most features and the best functionality available on the market today, achieving the highest grades you can attain in both performance and comfort.

When it comes to durability, Carolina Skiff manufactures boats created with patented box-beam construction, producing a reliable, durable, non-flexing hull that’s completely wood free. The foam flotation exceeds Coast Guard requirements, providing positive flotation for shallow draft and quick-planning characteristics. And all Carolina Skiff boats arecertified by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association, adhering to thehighest quality standards in the U.S. marine industry.

Offering an industry leading warranty, Carolina Skiff surpasses customer satisfaction and buyer peace of mind.

The list of benefits goes on and on when speaking about Carolina Skiff and their great brand legacy. So, as the New Year comes upon us, head to and learn about all of their great models and incredible brand legacy in the marine market.

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