The Stars in Dallas Are Seeing Ducks

The Stars in Dallas Are Seeing Ducks ~ Amy Lignor Dallas, Texas is a place for stars, no matter what team you happen to love. Whether they be in the NFL, NBA, or NHL – the stars are always riding high in the Lone Star State. So it must feel like a heavy duty hit […]

YouTube Brings in the Clients

YouTube Brings in the Clients  ~ by Sherry Gillam Cable news is still watched by many…but not too many in 2014. Seems Comedy Central’s team of Stewart and Colbert are the biggest choice when it comes to news. Because even though they’re hysterical, they are actually telling the absolute truth and exploring the headlines. The […]

Businesses KNOW That Social Media is the “Bottom Line”

  In this series of articles, the Be First Social Media team has walked businesses through various forms of digital marketing and advertising that are a must in order to increase a company’s ROI. In fact, mobile apps, interactive online marketing and more, are absolute musts when it comes to accumulating data and having reports […]