Jane Goodall Backs the Bears

  Jane Goodall Backs the Bears by Amy Lignor   At the age of 82, Jane Goodall is still standing up for the animals that need to be saved. This widely known, popular woman has a full resume when it comes to the intelligence she owns. British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace, […]

Visitors Still Remain Faithful to Yellowstone

  Visitors Still Remain Faithful to Yellowstone ~ by Amy Lignor   Yes, even though Yellowstone has had to deal with some of the worst happenings of late (a grizzly bear attack against a hiker), they have still come back reporting one of the busiest months for visitors and tourist attendance that they have ever […]

‘Visit Big Sky’ Brings Together Local Businesses

VISIT BIG SKY BRINGS TOGETHER LOCAL BUSINESSES Over Ten Area Vendors Work Together to Promote Summer in Big Sky    Big Sky, Mont.  There is no shortage of things in to do in Big Sky, Montana.  Located in the Southwest corner of the state, and just a short drive from the Bozeman International  Airport, a […]

‘Sharknado’ is All the Rage – But the Real Great White Needs the Spotlight

‘Sharknado’ is All the Rage – But the Real Great White Needs the Spotlight ~ Samantha Lewis Sharks are one of the most frightening creatures to mankind. After all, generations have been raised on the stories, movies and pictures of that dreaded ‘JAWS’ that will come after you like an avid stalker, making sure you are reduced […]

The Bridge: Bringing 15 years of rock and country to Montana

By Liberty Zuelke Take exit 274 off of I90 West and follow a narrow two-lane highway through a towering limestone canyon flanked by the Jefferson River, and you’ll come to a split in the road. Montana Highway 2, just outside of Three Forks, winds its way through open fields that smell like baked alfalfa in […]