Wild & Scenic Film Festival set for Gardiner Sept. 14

  Wild & Scenic Film Festival set for Gardiner Sept. 14 The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is returning to Gardiner on Sept. 14. Bear Creek Council and Northern Plains Resource Council, a family agriculture and conservation group, present 12 short films that inform, inspire, and ignite stewardship of our land, air, water, and people.   This year’s […]

Freed Kidnap Victim Adjusts to Reality in Touching Character Study

Brigsby Bear revolves around an age-old premise that\’s tough to establish and maintain convincingly, namely, the plight of a sheltered protagonist blissfully unaware of reality. Four films come quickly to mind which succeeded at plausibly presenting just such a plotline.

The Waters Run Dark for the Olympics

  The Waters Run Dark for the Olympics ~ Amy Lignor   The argument between the EPA and various governing bodies from the state of Colorado to the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah – you name it – has been taking over the headlines. This came about because of an EPA project to open […]

Closing on the Ultimate Ranch Takes Bates Land Consortium

  by Jame Moore   Real estate dealings are complex no matter what the size of the property may be. However, when it comes to the large deal there is no company better suited for the job than Bates Land Consortium.   The ultimate closing on the ultimate property; when this is the plan, Patrick […]

The State of Utah wants to take your redrock wilderness

  This week the State of Utah took additional steps toward seizing 30 million acres of federal land owned by all Americans, including the most amazing redrock wilderness on the planet – places like the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Greater Canyonlands. We need your help to stop this from happening –please contribute today! On […]

Constitution: 1; State of Utah: 0

  July 2013 Here’s what is happening this month with the redrock: 1.  The Utah state legislature’s anti-federal government campaign hits a brick wall called the U.S. Constitution. 2.  Take action for wild Utah this summer! 3.  SUWA’s annual Backyard Bash celebrates our community of citizen activists. 4.  The BLM has a lot of bad ideas for Utah public […]

Protect the Mexican Mountain WSA

  Protect the Mexican Mountain WSA   The BLM Price Field Office appears ready to cave in to the demands of the Utah Back County Pilots Association (BCPA) by allowing the old and naturally reclaimed landing strip in the heart of the Mexican Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA) to be ”improved” to its pre-WSA condition.  There are […]

We’re fighting back!

    We’re fighting back!   Utah’s politicians, led by Governor Herbert, have launched the greatest attack against wilderness in our nation’s history.  They are trying to seize control of federal lands that belong to all of us – places such as Greater Canyonlands, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the San Rafael Swell. We […]