Two Champs Walking Two Very Different Paths


  Two Champs Walking Two Very Different Paths ~ Amy Lignor   She’s Hot:   19th Grand Slam tournament win catapulting her above Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova with only one player left ahead of her, Steffi Graf, in the history books of Grand Slams wins. In other words, Serena Williams is back in full-force […]

The McIlroy Pride


The McIlroy Pride ~ Amy Lignor Yes…the tiger, per animal facts anyway, is supposedly more aggressive and meaner than the old lion. The ‘big man’ is always shown sitting in the sun, yawning – or giving that roar that startles creatures before he sends his wife off to catch dinner because, quite frankly, she’s better […]

The Tiger Purrs


The Tiger Purrs  ~ Amy Lignor You would think, considering the amount of press Tiger Woods gets whether he wins or loses in the sport of golf, that he was literally the only one who has ever picked up a club or stepped on to a ‘green.’ But this time around, perhaps because victory was […]

The Masters Did Not Need Tiger For Thrills & Chills


The Masters Did Not Need Tiger For Thrills & Chills  ~ Amy Lignor There were three very awesome things that occurred at The Masters this year – two came from people twenty and under, and one stellar moment came from a trio of men who haven’t seen the age of twenty in a while, but […]

Be First Social Media Team Means Being Safe


Be First Social Media Team Means Being Safe ~ James Moore Your business is not, and should not be treated as a Hollywood life. Unfortunately, for some businesses, they use a Hollywood/celebrity in their campaigns, and the effects can be horrific.   Everyone remembers two particular ad campaigns from the past. One was a campaign […]

Mother Nature Was the Best Player at Doral


Mother Nature Was the Best Player at Doral ~by Amy Lignor   It will always remain – or, at least for a while longer – that no matter who plays, leads, or wins in a golf tournament, it is the face and game of Tiger Woods that everyone wants to know about.   Last week […]

Tiger Woods Reclaims Number One Spot Aagin

Tiger Woods

  Ask anyone and they will have a different answer. What solves everything? Some will say Santa Claus does (although this will mostly be the ‘under five’ crowd.) The next age group – the ‘tween’ market – will say either cell phones or one hot vampire who has made their lives pure heaven for the […]

Lindsey Vonn – Surgery or Paparazzi – What’s Worse?

Tiger Woods

  Of course not! Tiger basically brings bad luck only to himself; he’s proven that over the years. But it must have truly hurt when his girlfriend (sorry, ‘rumored’ girlfriend), U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn, seriously injured her right knee during what you would call a brutal crash when she was in Austria competing at the […]