BAM Thrives With the Franchise

BAM Thrives With the Franchise  ~ James Moore BAM Brands claims many well-known and successful franchises: MassageLuXe, FaceLuXe, Xist Fitness, Spray La Vie and The TAN Company. And there are many reasons why these particular franchises are seeing such a high rate of success.   When you are an entrepreneur on the path to becoming […]

A Successful Franchisee Begins with a Successful Franchise

A Successful Franchisee Begins with a Successful Franchise ~ by Carmen Schwartz When heading to the computer in this day and age and calling up a list of franchise opportunities, there are lists longer than Santa’s Christmas Wishes. There is a reason for that in 2014; and that reason stems from the fact that the […]

There is no ‘Pause’ Button When it Comes to Social Media

There is no ‘Pause’ Button When it Comes to Social Media   ~ James Moore Setting up the perfect website is a thrill; having customers and members of your target audience buzzing about the creativity of your visuals and the products and services you sell, is the ultimate goal. But…social media is most definitely not a […]

The Landscape of Your Dreams

The Landscape of Your Dreams ~ ZZ Troutski   People are investing more money into maintaining and recreating the back of their house than anything else when it comes to the home improvement realm. This is a great thing. Not only does enhancing the backyard bring a great deal of extra resale value to the […]

Work on Your Confidence

  Increase sales effectiveness by being confident in front of the prospect. Go to to see more tips about how to close sales. For many sales people, asking questions and obtaining information from the prospect is the easy part of the sales call. Through those questions and answers, you can discover the compelling reason, the decision […]

Stop Making Excuses

  by Dan Caramanico Increase sales effectiveness by stopping the excuses. Go to to see more tips about how to close sales. Optimal Salespeople do not make excuses. They do not consider themselves a victim of circumstances, a consideration which leads to inaction. They do not blame the economy, the sales support team, the competition, or […]

Looking Out for the Eye Care Professional: Latest Technology + Affordable Prices = ROI

Every professional looks for the latest, greatest technology to help better serve their clients. Unfortunately, the layout of initial cash that’s needed to purchase the best is often far too exorbitant and cannot be fit into a budget. There are many optometrists and ophthalmologists who must weigh all budgetary concerns against their need for new […]

The User Has the Power in Social Media

  By Jame Moore Social media has come a long way, and it’s nowhere near grown up yet. But when social media first began, the main goal was for individuals to simply enjoy. (Remember those America Online chat rooms dedicated to things like ‘Billy Joel lovers but before he was married?’) There were tons of […]