Montanans Support Renewable Energy

  Survey of NorthWestern Energy customers finds Montanans support renewable energy   Over four weeks in January-February 2015, Northern Plains Resource Council, a conservation and family agriculture organization, informally polled the opinions of NorthWestern Energy customers across Montana regarding on-site renewable energy generation, such as rooftop solar, small-scale wind. A total of 368 Montanans from across […]

The Sports World Cares about the Natural One

The Sports World Cares about the Natural One ~ Samantha Lewis In this football society, everyone seems to be busy painting their faces, screaming at the cameras, and working double-time in order to stand behind their teams in support while crossing their fingers, waiting and hoping that it’s THEIR men who head to Arizona and […]

Judging the ‘Green’ in 2014

Judging the ‘Green’ in 2014  ~ Carmen Schwartz Business is business, and when it comes to looking at 2014 thus far, the business of ‘green’ is growing monumentally. Everything from solar panels to wind turbines to geothermal heating and cooling units are being created, with every industry getting in on the ‘green’. Lowering the carbon […]

We Are Learning

We Are Learning  ~ Samantha Lewis When it comes to having a ‘greener’ world, countries are working together in order to bring renewable energy on board and expand into a ‘greener’, healthier century. There is a list of technology out there across this planet that’s being created every single day; and new, imaginative ideas that […]