Cubs V. Mets: Youth, Predictions & A Whole Lot of Fun

  Cubs V. Mets: Youth, Predictions & A Whole Lot of Fun By Amy Lignor   Yes, the Mets lead. Game 1 is in their win column, but if they think those Cubs are going down easily, they should think again.   This is one of the very first times in the sports nation where […]


  Felon-Attorney by TheArthur Duncan II, Esquire Mascot Books Paperback, $19.95 244 pages ISBN: 978-1-63177-187-3 Book Review by Kam Williams “From hustling crack on a corner to practicing law in a courtroom… this is my story! I am living proof that despite your past, your dreams can still come true… My story begins as I […]

Five and Time

  FIVE AND TIME by Peter Brav   Went to the Woolworth Building Downtown Manhattan To return some do-hickey And enjoy a lime rickey Maybe join a sit-in For civil rights of brothers now long dead Found four thousand dollar square foot condos instead  PETER BRAV of Princeton, New Jersey is the author of […]

If ‘Green’ is Not Taken Seriously ‘White’ Will Take Over

  If ‘Green’ is Not Taken Seriously ‘White’ Will Take Over ~ Samantha Lewis   Climate change is an issue that comes and goes in the headlines. At some points throughout the past and present the faltering climate is major news, with people like Al Gore attempting to shine the spotlight on the huge problems […]

The Brother’s: One Grimm & One Happy

The Brother’s: One Grimm & One Happy ~Amy Lignor Yes, we all hear about Peyton and his Broncos almost every minute of the day. But it seems, thus far, that his little bro (the one with more rings than his brother, but far less press), is having the time of his life right now. He […]

The Combo of Great Outdoors & Great Baseball!

The Combo of Great Outdoors & Great Baseball!  ~ ZZ Troutski The baseball season has once again begun. People are heading to the stands with their sons and daughters; purchasing rubber hot dogs to enjoy while watching the ‘coolest of cool’ slide, hit, strike out, and create home runs out of the blue. The eyes […]

NY Film Critics Online Awards 2013

  by Kam Williams New York Film Critics Online (NYFCO) held its fourteenth annual awards meeting on December 8, 2013 in Lincoln Center’s Furman Gallery.  Founded in 2000, NYFCO is our country’s most prestigious group of internet critics.  Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave won three awards, including an extremely close Best Picture race: Best Actor went to Chiwetel Ejiofor and […]

Baseball: While You’re Looking at One, Another Comes From Behind

     by Amy Lignor This year the Yankees have already received more publicity than half the NFL teams who are truly struggling with some brutal injuries and court cases. A-Rod has been a bone of contention for months  now, and even though the fans are behind him, his continuous headlines seem to take away […]