Morning Moose Stroll

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TrekinGear States You Are ‘Free 2 B’ You!

  TrekinGear States You Are ‘Free 2 B’ You!   Road Trekin Adventure & Travel is all the ‘buzz’ in the outdoor world. Offering everything from news to lifestyle reports to cultural and historical information, green updates, and the latest tour companies, ideal vacation spots, and organizations that are working to keep the Great Outdoors […]


  by Sherry Gillam We hadn’t spotted a moose all summer long in Montana…not even in Yellowstone Park, which is very odd.  Maybe we had been looking too hard.  It was early October in the late afternoon and we had pulled off the highway near a tiny town near Bozeman.  I had spotted an interesting […]

Island Moose

  Island Moose This weekend while fishing one of my favorite rivers, which was high and off color, so I decided to do more hiking and photography instead. A beautiful day lots of clouds and golden stones everywhere. Fishing was a bit on the slow side anyway. As I neared the end of my hike, […]

Use Common Sense in the Great Outdoors

Although a shotgun, bow, or other weapon of choice helps the hunter, a dose of common sense is still required when it comes to meeting up with the ultimate predator. For most, there is a definite rule of thumb; experts are experts for a reason. Whether it be hunter or angler, or one who swims […]

The Last Frontier Awaits the Hunter

  Alaska is that place – that world that looks far different from anything else we’ve seen. It is a place of history, quiet, stillness, calm, and literally the most amazing, world-class opportunities for hunters who wish to take that extra step into a world they’ve never seen before.   Yes, there have been issues […]

Photo Of The Day: Fences Are For Sheep & Cows

Out for a Sunday drive and happened upon this moose out for a Sunday stroll.