BAM Provides the Luxury Christmas ‘Card’


  by Carmen Schwartz Okay…you are shopping for someone who has everything. Or, you’re shopping for people who don’t really want anything or can’t decide on what they want. Or, you’re shopping for someone who wants something that is way out of the range of your credit card limit. Whatever the case may be, there […]

Start A Business, The World of Luxury is a Great Place to Start


What is YOUR Business Dream? The World of Luxury is a Great Place to Start!   MassageLuXe and FaceLuXe…these are names that you have been hearing quite a lot about over the past few months and the response has been outstanding. Not only do readers want one of these amazing franchises in their own backyard […]

A Rejuvenation Of Mind, Body, Soul And Spirit

Step Away

  Whether we like it or not (and, believe me, the older we get, we don’t like it much at all) – we are living in a visual society. Whether we are speaking about the social networking craze, or the fact that Justin Bieber made a video and became the biggest thing since sliced bread […]

Golf Tip of the Week

This is my first golf tip, but you will see it often.  If you intend on taking advice from me in the future, remember this…99% of all quality golf shots are struck with a flat left wrist (right hand golfers).  By this I mean, there is no bend, or cupping, in the wrist.  This ensures that the club […]

Learn About the Best Franchise Opportunity…MassageLuXe!

interior 2

Last week we began to study an extraordinary company that has been setting the internet on fire.  It is no surprise to this writer, considering that every facet of information that’s unveiled about MassageLuXe, or their sister company FaceLuXe, is yet another stellar tidbit. From their products and services to their employees to the unique […]