Felon-Attorney by TheArthur Duncan II, Esquire Mascot Books Paperback, $19.95 244 pages ISBN: 978-1-63177-187-3 Book Review by Kam Williams “From hustling crack on a corner to practicing law in a courtroom… this is my story! I am living proof that despite your past, your dreams can still come true… My story begins as I […]

A Breath of Joy for L.A. as Ballmer Takes the Reins

A Breath of Joy for L.A. as Ballmer Takes the Reins ~Amy Lignor The Clippers’ situation – ‘Clipperdom’ – has basically been going on so long with so many completely unbelievable statements since this all began, that it began to feel like its own supernatural location: Stephen King’s, Under the…Clipperdom. However, it finally seems that […]

The Price of Fame? What About the Price of Litter in L.A.?

  by Amy Lignor It is an absolute truth that right now there are huge projects going on across the country in the areas of renewable energy sources; building grand solar power and wind power facilities to help taxpayers save money and help ecosystems thrive. There are water projects, wastewater management services – and the […]