Dallas Up…Now Down


  Dallas Up…Now Down ~ Amy Lignor  As long as the NFL is mentioned, there will always be a 50-60% chance that the name ‘Jerry Jones’ will be mentioned along with it. Whether it be a good thing (which hasn’t happened a great deal in Cowboy land, until this past season, of course), or it’s […]

The NFL Boss


The NFL Boss ~ Amy Lignor This may not be the ‘New World’ – after all, anyone who has been around a while knows that Jerry Jones is the lifeblood of the Dallas Cowboys, so his face on screen or on the field is anything but new. BUT, before you get mad and start screaming […]

Expectations Always Mount Up in the Off-Season


Expectations Always Mount Up in the Off-Season ~ Amy Lignor As every fan knows – not to mention the players that are in the owners and coaches spotlights – expectations can become rather high in the off-season surrounding certain players. Makes sense; after all, they are the ones who bring home the ‘green’, and they […]

Has Elvis Entered the Football Stadium?


Has Elvis Entered the Football Stadium?  ~ Amy Lignor Okay. Elvis Presley is still ‘it’ after all these decades. The term: “Elvis has left the building,” is still used. Oddly enough, Elvis and his career, his dancing technique, his hotness, his extreme talent and voice that could woo basically dead women from their grave – […]