White Socks

White Socks ~ Amy Lignor   There are many still angry. There are many still upset and saddened because, as with all major moments in sports, this past Saturday the people got a chance to cheer one of their own underdogs. Not underdogs when it came to racing, itself; but an underdog when it came […]

A New ‘People’s Horse’ Has Arrived!

A New ‘People’s Horse’ Has Arrived!  ~ Amy Lignor The Kentucky Derby was a whole lot of fun and a shock for some – considering the winner was from ‘the people,’ so to speak. He was not bred from nobility, nor had parents that were Triple Crown winners. But what California Chrome does have, is […]

The Steeplechase Gates Will Soon Open Wide

The Steeplechase Gates Will Soon Open Wide ~ James Moore Stamina…speed…talent…all of these factors combined bring about the ultimate win. And that’s just for the rider; the horse competing, although the real hero, needs to put in extra hard work and agony to become the winner of The Grand National’s Steeplechase.   Being the world’s […]

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