Xist Fitness: How to be Comfortable in Your Environment

Xist Fitness: How to be Comfortable in Your Environment  ~ James Moore Working out and getting in shape are daunting tasks, especially when the task begins with that uncomfortable feeling of walking into a gym and getting started.   The first step in the process is usually easy, signing the contract to begin. But as […]

BAM Brands Management and Franschise

  As we delve deeper into the franchise community, the name BAM Brands keeps ‘popping’ up when prospective franchisees and entrepreneurs are looking for just the right company to be a part of in order to become their own boss. It really is no wonder, considering the fact that MassageLuXe, FaceLuXe, Xist Fitness, Spray La […]

MSM Sufficient for Providing Important Sulfur-Containing Amino Acids

Everyone has heard of Transfer Point – or you should have, considering that the amazing company, Better Way Health offers Transfer Point Beta Glucan which everyone should be utilizing by now in order to have better health and live a longer, happier life. Transfer Point also has their hand in offering an all-natural nutrient called, […]