GoPro’s Appeal Goes Global

  GoPro’s Appeal Goes Global By Burt Carey   They’re the fun little cameras used by scuba divers, bicycle riders, sky divers and other outdoor enthusiasts who want personalized video of their exploits. And after becoming a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange just one year ago, the company is expanding sales in overseas […]

Avid Hunter couldn’t find a Camera he liked, so he Designed One

  Avid Hunter couldn’t find a Camera he liked, so he Designed One. by Capt. Ted Lund   Ben Stern is an avid hunter, and like many in the field today, he loves sharing the hunting memories he makes with others. No doubt, it’s become easier with the meteoric rise of affordable point-of-view video cameras. […]

Tactacam Optimized for Low-Light

  Tactacam Optimized for Low-Light Designed to handle the low-light situations where hunters shine by Capt. Ted Lund   One of the biggest problems facing hunters who like to video and share hunts is the low-light capability of modern point-of-view video cameras. Most are designed for use in high-action, high-visibility action sports like kite surfing […]

Tactacam Tough

  Tactacam Tough   Tactacam Tough: Built to .50-cal Standards and to Take Anything You Can Stand by Capt. Ted Lund   With the increasing popularity of point-of-view video recording of hunting and bow fishing, one thing has become apparent: not all POV cameras are equal. Since its inception, outdoorsmen have had to endure broken […]

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