A Look at Training Camp: Season Feels Weary Already


A Look at Training Camp: Season Feels Weary Already  ~ Amy Lignor Oh, yes…remember the time when the ‘buzz’ coming out of training camp was actually regarding football? Well…some of it remains true. Sometimes the ‘buzz’ does have to do with injury, as well as who is returning and who is out because of being […]

Will Kap Be Worth Every 49ers Penny?


Will Kap Be Worth Every 49ers Penny? ~ Amy Lignor Kiefer Sutherland earned a salary of $40 million back in a 2006 contract that made him the highest-earning actor ever to grace a television set. That was for 24. That was the action and adventure that fans seemed to eat up with a spoon. And […]

The Quarterback Buzz


The Quarterback Buzz  ~ by Amy Lignor   There are many out there right now wondering about the QB role in the NFL. After all, these are the stars. These are the guys that actually get the ball down the field to the superstars waiting to receive it. Quarterbacks still own the minds of most […]

Fans Need to Run the NFL


Fans Need to Run the NFL ~ Amy Lignor It is starting to become crystal clear, for every fan, coach, and player who must hang their head while they desperately try to hang on to their job, that off-season for the NFL may be a sports ‘wrong’.   Yes, in every single spot across the […]

The NFL Season Will Judge the Errors In Judgment


The NFL Season Will Judge the Errors In Judgment ~ Amy Lignor Well…we’ve got some winners and losers, to say the least. And we have some serious ‘buzz’ when it comes to a couple of ‘Huh?’ moments that have occurred.   We begin with the San Francisco 49ers, and the fact that Harbaugh (some say the best […]

The NFL Supermarket Lines Open But Are the Vegetables Fresh?


The NFL Supermarket Lines Open But Are the Vegetables Fresh? ~Amy Lignor Yes, some people wish to actually be a free agent; it’s like going to the supermarket and picking that ultimate lobster to feed upon for the next year. Not to mention, the money game where teams go against each other to choose ‘you’ […]

The Power of Luck!

   by Amy Lignor The AFC wild card game that will literally go down in history as the most momentous, thrilling comeback ride of all time, was played this weekend – and people will be talking about this one far into the off-season.   Whereas the NFC games were gritty and, downright cold, when you […]

The Best Game in the NFL Season Was ‘Winner Takes All’!


   by Amy Lignor Yes, there were other games yesterday. There were also other important football games played yesterday where teams had to say goodbye for the year, while others saw miracles that would take them into the playoffs.   As already believed, in the AFC, Manning and his Broncos and Brady and his Patriots […]