Capt. David Esquinaldo is making custom built fishing tackle


  Capt. David Esquinaldo is making custom built fishing tackle a family tradition in Key West. by Capt. Ted Lund   After more than 30 years as one of Key West’s most successful light tackle fishing guides, one thing became apparent to Capt. David Esquinaldo: He couldn’t buy fishing rods, gaffs and other custom angling […]

Fish Crabs for Blackfish


  Fish Crabs for Blackfish   It takes a tough fish to make its living eating critters encased in hard shells, but the pugnacious blackfish fits the bill.  Blackfish are also known as tautog or tog, shortened versions of the name given to them hundreds of years ago by the Narragansett Indians who called the […]

Kayak Fishing on the Rise


  Kayak Fishing on the Rise More and more anglers are hitting the water in kayaks for bigger game — and money..   Kayaking has undergone a major change in the last few years. No longer is it just paddling around on the lake by grandpa’s log cabin or shooting down rapids like a lunatic. […]

Tidewater 1800 Bay Max Winter Seatrout


  Tidewater 1800 Bay Max Winter Seatrout by Ted Lund   As the mercury dips though out the Southeast United States, savvy anglers know the biggest spotted seatrout of the year seek out refuge in deeper holes, channels and residential canals. The deeper water translates into more heat retention throughout the day. As the temperatures […]

Tidewater 230 CC Adventure Kingfish


  Tidewater 230 CC Adventure Kingfish by Ted Lund Anglers from from Florida’s East Coast all the way around to the Louisiana Delta enjoy fantastic fishing for the “other Silver King,” the king mackerel from October all the way through April. In addition to commonly running 40 pounds or more, kings strike viciously, often leaping […]

Hot Metal Action for Cool-Water Smallies


  Hot Metal Action for Cool-Water Smallies by Ted Lund   Most bass fisherman might think that action cools as fish move into the Fall months, but nothing could be further from the truth for smallmouth bass. And one of the best ways to take advantage of them is an unconventional cool-water tactic — throwing […]

Walleye No One Else Can Catch


  Two factors greatly impact walleye fishing success, yet most walleye anglers don’t even consider them. The first is fishing pressure and it is more intense than anglers realize. Last year, anglers invested 3.05 million hours of fishing effort on Minnesota’s 128,000-acre Lake Mille Lacs. The impact of this much pressure can’t be ignored; it […]

*ATTENTION ANGLERS* Tidewater Photo Fishing Contest!


  *ATTENTION ANGLERS*   This is going to be a FANTASTIC weekend of fishing!The clear waters, the hungry biters – NOW is the time for anglers everywhere to enjoy life!   So…why not enjoy another added extra from your favorite boat ‘creator’?   Yes…It’s a CONTEST!   Whether you’re headed to that secret fishing hole, […]