2017 Will Be Green!

This statement is not a “hopeful” imagination talking; it is actually quite true.

You Own YOUR Company, Not Zuckerberg’s

  There is a certain mysticism when it comes to social media and how much it can help make or break a company. There are stories all the time about how many businesses are simply asking people to ‘follow’ them in order to increase their numbers when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, in […]

Are You Tuned In To Online Advertising

  We have spoken about tagging as well as brand monitoring – two techniques that are necessary in order to be a social media ‘guru’ and introduce your company in the right way to the rest of the world. But there are other very important issues that each and every business must learn in order […]

In-depth article on having a social media team/network behind you

    In this world that is now basically run on social media, as well as a world where companies are now either ‘making it or breaking it’ based solely on their investment of time and money in social media – comes many companies who claim to be the ‘best of the best’ at what […]

Social Media and Green Companies

  The world has two major facets that are growing and expanding each and every day. One is the world of social media. The other, is the world of “green” companies; businesses that are looking at teaching more about the environment, as well as offering products and services to enable the globe to “go green” […]

The Social Media Steps!

  As my grandmother always said: “You can’t keep hemming and hawing about things. Just do it!”   Yes, that sounds like common sense – something all of us should know right off the bat when it comes to our goal or mission in life. Well…businesses need to have that common sense, as well, and […]

What Constitutes a Brand Manager?

  Over the years new jobs have sprung forth from new industries ‘popping up’ in the world and new ‘must-have’ products that come out of nowhere. In 2012, however, one of the most sought-after jobs is Social Media and/or Brand Manager. This isn’t surprising, seeing as that social media is the biggest industry out there […]

Watching the Preseason QB Debate Unfold!

Watching the Preseason QB Debate Unfold! by Newswire Yes, even though the temperatures are still a balmy seven hundred and fifty-six degrees with humidity percentages that make your family dog lie down on the carpet panting and cursing you for making him dwell in this type of a world, the smell of football is in […]