Think ‘Green’ For Spring


Think ‘Green’ For Spring  ~ Samantha Lewis For those in the East, the term ‘Spring’ is not at all on their lips when they keep turning on the television weather and seeing the next, brand new snowstorm headed their way. For the rest of us, however, spring brings with it a great deal of fun, […]

Nature Lovers Are the Ultimate Volunteers


 by James Moore When it comes to volunteering time to help this planet there are a ton of projects to volunteer for, with hundreds of organizations that have made it their goal to save habitats and animals.   These are huge names in the conservation industry.  UNESCO is a company that protects and maintains ancient […]

Natural Gas as a Secure Energy Source


  The debate about natural gas has grown ever larger in the past decade – not to mention, in just the past few months as pipelines have been breaking and finding themselves in the news. Real research on the upsides and downsides of natural gas, has become something that people are doing as of late. […]

Saving the Tiger an Absolute Must!


  Yes, this is Sportsman’s Life; however, we are not speaking about Tiger Woods. Even if he did regain the Number 1 spot in golf last week, we’re focusing on the Tiger – the animal that is more majestic than even ‘Woods’ could ever claim to be. The tiger is by far the largest of […]

Insulfoam and Carlisle Leading the Green Building Trends


  The future of architecture and construction is not only going to expand and grow at a rapid pace this New Year, but it is also becoming one of the best industries in regards to saving the environment. When it comes to ultimate respectability in the industry, two names have come together to form one […]

There’s Always Something Worth Fighting For!


Okay, we all know that the ‘sappy’ articles arrive during the holiday season. But when you truly think about it, it’s those sappy articles that remind us of how lucky we are to be alive, to be celebrating yet another close to yet another year that was filled with (hopefully) happiness and triumphs found along […]

Row, Bike, Paddle, Hike: Adventurers Gather Data on Roadkill, Water, and Pikas


Team Epoch is in the second phase of an astonishing adventure. Sonya Baumstein, Oliver Levick, Jonathan Crane and Chris Crane recently completed their 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic, beginning in the Canary Islands and ending in Barbados. This 56 day row was no small feat in itself, but it was just the opening portion […]