Once Upon a Time Vacations

Whether you are a lover of history or you simply have the “Beauty & the Beast” obsession – which, according to movie revenue data, millions all over the world are suffering from – just think how amazing it would be to stay in an actual castle. We already know what the beauty would be from the female perspective, but when it comes to the gentlemen out there, just think about how much better that “moment” on bended knee would be if you popped the question in a very real castle.

Obama Walks Stonehenge: A Place With Answers

Obama Walks Stonehenge: A Place With Answers ~ Samantha Lewis Yes, the President of the United States has been dealing with some pretty tough issues of late. Of course, that comes with the job. But after the NATO summit – which was high on intensity, considering the fact that the evil of ISIS is hanging […]

Watching the Preseason QB Debate Unfold!

Watching the Preseason QB Debate Unfold! by Newswire Yes, even though the temperatures are still a balmy seven hundred and fifty-six degrees with humidity percentages that make your family dog lie down on the carpet panting and cursing you for making him dwell in this type of a world, the smell of football is in […]

The Red, White and Blue Takes the Gold!

  Although it was not a huge surprise when having the names of Durant and James on your roster, it was a nice feeling to see the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team redeem the gold medal by winning their second straight Olympic title on the final day of the amazing London 2012 Olympic Games.   The […]

The Isles of Wonder Come to Life!

The Beijing Olympic Games were ‘pomp and circumstance’ to the highest order, with most people saying that no country will ever outdo them when it comes to hosting the Games. It’s no wonder really, since they actually poured forty billion dollars into their Olympic moment. Britain on the other hand had less than fifteen billion […]

The Agony of Defeat Remains at the Olympic Games!

The agony of defeat is known by almost every athlete in the universe, but the Olympics is showing something far different – the absolute “surprise” of defeat. Oh, yes, the “well-known’s” who were said to be the all-out winners before the contests even began are falling apart – from every country – and it all […]