The Beauty of the Science Fair


  The Beauty of the Science Fair  ~Samantha Lewis Everyone speaks of ‘the good old days.’ Whether they are talking about better movies, easier times, a world where families once sat around the dinner table every night and spoke (without cell phones to stare at) – there are all kinds of conversations about what was […]

The Core of the ‘Village’ is Mom


The Core of the ‘Village’ is Mom  ~ Carmen Schwartz Whenever we speak about animals, the environment, helping kids, doing things better in order to make the next generation not only proud, but also have the ability to live in a good, clean world with good, clean air – there is an important person in […]

We Are Learning


We Are Learning  ~ Samantha Lewis When it comes to having a ‘greener’ world, countries are working together in order to bring renewable energy on board and expand into a ‘greener’, healthier century. There is a list of technology out there across this planet that’s being created every single day; and new, imaginative ideas that […]

A small slice of the educational and entertaining summer camp for future thespians!

US Performing Arts Instructor at Acting Class 2

In July, 2013, at UC Irvine, this fantastic opportunity allows actors to embrace the art of theater. The U.S. Performing Arts Theatre Summer Camp offers various activities and intensive training in the craft of acting. Theater games, opening the door to understanding the work of dramatic icons, such as Shakespeare, as well as learning improvisational […]

Southern History at It’s Finest!

11Lady Jane-Shrimp Boat-Educational-King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort-St Simons Island-Georgia-7 (1)

The Adventure of Shrimpin’ on the Lady Jane We have spoken of the amazing southern charm and historic Georgia beaches found on St. Simon’s Island. The history of these ‘lands’ is extraordinary, leading visitors back in time through the most incredible culture they can possibly imagine.   And part of that amazing southern charm is […]

Mission Tuition Explores the World of College Sports

Mission Tuition Explores the World of College Sports   This week we are looking into the world of athletic scholarships, college towns and the huge world of college sports.  In an earlier article we spoke about how exactly a ‘best of the best’ college town comes into being when it has to do with the world […]

Passing of Joe Paterno: Statement from NFF

Coach Joe Paterno, a 2007 inductee into the College Football Hall of Fame from Penn State, passed away today at Mount Nittany Medical Center in State College, Pa. He was 85. “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Coach Paterno. He stands at the very top of the mountain in terms of his coaching […]

Funding a Career in Healthcare!

  It pays to be smart when choosing your career, particularly now that the job market is ever-so-slowly improving.  And as your student is heading off to college, or in the process of picking out just the right path they wish to walk down, Mission Tuition is here to offer a few tips on the […]