The Best Game in the NFL Season Was ‘Winner Takes All’!


   by Amy Lignor Yes, there were other games yesterday. There were also other important football games played yesterday where teams had to say goodbye for the year, while others saw miracles that would take them into the playoffs.   As already believed, in the AFC, Manning and his Broncos and Brady and his Patriots […]

Use Common Sense in the Great Outdoors

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Although a shotgun, bow, or other weapon of choice helps the hunter, a dose of common sense is still required when it comes to meeting up with the ultimate predator. For most, there is a definite rule of thumb; experts are experts for a reason. Whether it be hunter or angler, or one who swims […]

Bringing The Adventure and Science Communities Together


June 2012 This has been another tremendous month for ASC with two expeditions recieving funding from the National Geographic Expeditions Council,  the development of several new projects we need your help with this summer, and great successes in gathering data for scientists around the world.  Thanks to all of you who have given your generous […]