Fit & Fab: Add to Your Physical Fitness Program with MassageLuXe

Fit & Fab: Add to Your Physical Fitness Program with MassageLuXe ~ Carmen Schwartz Fitness, building a healthy regimen that helps both heart and body, is a task that more and more people across the globe are doing. They are setting up that full-body makeover by adding fitness to their lives. However, physical movement and action […]

BAM Brands Knows the Successful Franchisee

  by Samantha Lewis Opening a franchise: There is no absence of lists on the internet that tell you the do’s and don’ts of how to create a successful franchise. But the one thing they never state is that after all the good things are done and the bad things are avoided, it still takes […]

FaceLuXe Tips to Save Your Summer Skin

  FaceLuXe Tips to Save Your Summer Skin  by Samantha Lewis The issue of skincare is increasing in this country every day. The night creams being used in order to stop the skin from actually melting from these super-hot summer temperatures, are becoming more and more popular and basically flying off the shelves.   Your […]

FaceLuXe Re-Introduces You to the Girl Inside

  FaceLuXe Re-Introduces You to the Girl Inside by Harmony Nolan When the subjects of cosmetics, facials, massages, fitness and gyms, or nutrition come into play, it is usually from two very solid standpoints. One, is the focus to become far healthier in this world so you can live a good, long time. Two, is […]

How Franchises Have a Positive Impact on Community

  As you head to the Word Wide Web and enter the search keyword, ‘franchises,’ there are literally hundreds of thousands of books, reports and articles that have been written regarding franchisors, franchisees, as well as the trends within the franchise industry. Throughout the Internet, the entire public – including those entrepreneurs out there who […]

A Journey Through the Age of Beauty, Health & Fitness with BAM Brands!

  Franchises are all the rage, and if the statisticians are correct, opening a franchise and becoming a franchisee will be the most sought after career in 2013. BAM Brands is one company that is mentioned frequently when speaking about the franchise world. Why is that? Because this is the one and only company that has its finger on […]