A New Brand Releases the ‘Da Vinci’ in All of Us


  A New Brand Releases the ‘Da Vinci’ in All of Us    Inspiration and financial gain: a combination that will have investors, supporters and the creative, jumping on the internet in order to join an entrepreneur and an artist – a team who is bringing the most creative project to the masses that has […]

Witness to War Exhibit Ends October 27, 2013


  When: Jun 21, 2013 – Oct 27, 2013 Time: All Day Where:Museum of Art Witness to War is an exhibition of photographs from The Ringling Museum’s permanent collection and the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience at Florida State University.  It honors U.S. veterans through a gripping visual account of WWII […]

What is Art?

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Whatever else art may be, it is certainly an activity which creates an emotional link between the artist and the audience. This can happen largely through the simplicity of the artist’s rendering of a particular subject, and the ability of the artist to translate his or her vision into what is seen as beautiful, as […]

Kelsey Dzintars Displays Art at The 406 Brewery

2-406 Brewery–Road-trek-www.roadtrekin.com-RV-Motorhome-www.befirstinc.com-social-media-travel-advertising-marketing-vacation-destination-trip-advisor-sunset-branding-article-writing-adventure

The 406 Brewery is located on Oak Street in the old Sweet Pea Cannery right across from the Fairgrounds baseball field. The front of this memorable building is made entirely of glass; the light inside feels just right, as the warm rays spotlight a world filled with extremely cool furnishings. The ceilings rise in the […]