It’s Time to Travel to These Wonders of the World that May Soon Disappear

When it comes to travel, there are many locations you and your family should take the chance to see. However, there are also a few that should be seen now, before they become listed among the “missing” Wonders of the World. It is a fact, no matter how you look at life, that the Earth is in danger when it comes to global warming, air pollution, rising sea levels, deforestation and a list of other environmental and ecological problems. Whether by human hands or simply the changes Mother Nature has decided upon, the landscape is being altered, causing one-of-a-kind areas to slowly disappear.

Row, Bike, Paddle, Hike: Adventurers Gather Data on Roadkill, Water, and Pikas

Team Epoch is in the second phase of an astonishing adventure. Sonya Baumstein, Oliver Levick, Jonathan Crane and Chris Crane recently completed their 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic, beginning in the Canary Islands and ending in Barbados. This 56 day row was no small feat in itself, but it was just the opening portion […]