Red Rock and Rugged Ranges are a Hunter’s Dream


There are many organizations out there that thrill people with the prey of the desert. The locations carry colorful names, such as, “Desert Safaris” or “Hunting the Mesas,” and each one offers the hunter a truly interesting and captivating experience that can only be imagined during the time of Billy the Kid as he rode across the red sands of New Mexico making himself into a legend.


So for those who find themselves spending their time walking through too much snow as they duck deer-660x320into the next stance of lush green trees where their prey may or may not be waiting, it is the desert that can come to mind. A breath of fresh – albeit, sand-filled – air that opens up a brand new ‘red’ world that you will never forget.


When speaking about the Great State of Texas, a hunter can find some of the highest quality hunting in the nation, including many of the largest big game trophies to be found. From the hunt of mule deer to pronghorn antelope, mountain Aoudad sheep to the Rio-Grande Turkey, many exotic game species are found. Not surprising, considering the fact that Texas plays home to some of the largest ranches that can be found anywhere in the world – with some as big as over 400,000 acres – that are exclusively leased to various hunting outfitters that are there to give the hunter the experience of a lifetime. These are outfitters that are always run by professional guides and hunting staff that have made Texas their home for a good, long time, and know absolutely all there is to know about the desert prey that makes up their unforgettable landscape.


A true avid sportsman/woman always comments about the exceptional hunting experiences they find in the flatlands and mesas, as well as the pure and simple beauty of a land that truly remains untouched by human hands since the beginning of time.


One of the most sought after creatures in the Lone Star State is the West Texas Mule; a trophy that many sportsmen/women wish to claim. Why is that, exactly? Because they are among the most difficult species to discover in all of North America. When it comes to West Texas, there are ranches that have some of the best Mule Deer hunting available with a consecutive 60-day hunting season to be had by anyone with the desire and drive to truly ‘rough it’ in a whole different locale. And, as with everything found in the Great State, the game hunts and events are absolutely huge and among the most revered, including the annual Texas Big Game Awards Program.


When it comes to Aoudad Sheep – a free-range roaming species – there are private ranches located in some of the most rugged ranges that can be found in all of the United Sates, with hundreds of thousands of acres dedicated to preserving the habitat for this incredible species. The terrain is remote, unspoiled, and not only offers the hunter an amazing experience as far as prey is concerned, but also adds the most incredible pictures into each and every memory that walks the vastness of these areas.


As we move further west and actually head into the land of Billy the Kid – the land of that eternal sun that never seems to set – New Mexico becomes yet another locale that hunters need to be a part of as they build up their ‘experience’ list. New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope is the prey that’s known to be among the best pronghorn in the West. With trophy antelope found near and far in this state, hunters have always spoken about how they not only enjoy a hugely inventive and amazing look into another ‘world’ that seems to be stuck in the ‘past’ of cattlemen and gunfighters, but they also speak of the 100% success rate they had for bringing their prey down in the Land of Enchantment. Such high-density hunts are unimaginable, but when you add in the perfect weather found in the early fall months in New Mexico, with the true Native American culture that lives all around you – it all adds up to the thrill of a lifetime.


Another species that is extremely interesting to the avid hunter is the free-range Axis Deer, which are located in the hill country region of the Lone Star State. As hunters really investigate and delve into the ‘Old West’ prey, they will find everything from the traditional to the exotic. Horned Oryx, European Mouflon Sheep, Sika Deer, Buffalo, Addax – there is a slew of species that offer the most challenge and year-round availability to the avid man or woman who wishes to turn their hunting experience into a quest they will never forget.


When it comes to the exotic bird hunting available, it is the Scaled “Blue” Quail that offers hunters the most fun – considering these game birds are beyond-fast flyers. The shooting action can be found in habitats over 200,000 acres in size, and the three-and-a-half month season is lengthy, which provides a long duration for individuals or groups to have a true vacation and enjoy the hunting while also getting the extra kindness of true Texas barbeque for dinner.


Coyote, Bobcats, the Grey Fox and even the Mountain Lion are packed into these stunning landscapes and are truly ‘hunts’ to be added to your itinerary of outdoor fun for 2013!