Code of the New West





As good citizens of Montana, we promise to:

1. Appreciate the splendor of Montana’s natural beauty; the opportunity to
live here; the quality of life we enjoy.

2. Be a good steward of the land; take personal responsibility for keeping
our land weed and trash free; promote recycling.

3. Show respect for our state and local laws, for wildlife, for the land and
for the people … especially those engaged in farming and ranching.

4. Be goodwill ambassadors, showing friendliness to visitors and neighbors

5. Take pride in how we maintain our property, our businesses, our
communities, and ourselves.

6. Become informed about how things are done in our communities and in
the state, so that we fully understand the realities of living in rural

7. Take political action: read, vote, become informed, participate when
necessary, to preserve and improve the good things we have.

8. Get involved with our communities, to give back some measure of what
we receive from being a part of the larger family.

9. Work together for the good of the whole, neighborhood, community,
county, state, nation and world.