A QB Needs an Offense to be Good


A QB Needs an Offense to be Good ~ Amy Lignor OR, should the title of this article be: “Oh, Johnny…sorry.” Yes, the kid did not play well. In fact, he was hideous. But here’s a little something to think about, when you’re trying to get a ‘spark’ in your offense, wouldn’t it be helpful […]

As the Season Wanes the ‘Stars’ Begin to Shine in the NFL


As the Season Wanes the ‘Stars’ Begin to Shine in the NFL ~ Amy Lignor Perhaps it’s the working off the Summer B-B-Q. Perhaps it’s simply the fact that the rookies need to be weeded out and the pros are looking to gear up for the winter and need to figure out exactly how to […]

‘A Game of Gridiron Thrones’ May Be Necessary


‘A Game of Gridiron Thrones’ May Be Necessary ~ Amy Lignor NFL fans are already going to assume this article is about RGIII, the QB that was going to be a gift from the heavens above for both professional football and the Washington Redskins. Unfortunately, as everyone now can see, that is not the case. Nor, is […]

Fans Do NOT Want the Sherman Stand-up Anymore


~ Amy Lignor It matters not if you are an AFC fan of Brady’s or Manning’s. It matters not one iota if you love the Niners or root for the Cardinals in the NFC. It doesn’t even matter if you love the Seahawks with every breath you take. No matter who you are a fan […]

There is a Reason for Benching in the NFL


There is a Reason for Benching in the NFL ~ Amy Lignor In this season, especially, it seems more and more that ‘things’ are occurring that never occurred before. Benching is one of them…along with the constant bad press and bad news that NFL players are bringing to the national stage. But even though fans […]

A ‘Hairy’ Situation in the NFL


A ‘Hairy’ Situation in the NFL ~ Amy Lignor An old debate reappeared over the past few days in regards to the power of facial hair when it comes to sports professionals performing better when a coat of fur is grown on their face. Now when it comes to chicks out there, there is definitely […]

When the Gridiron is Over


When the Gridiron is Over ~ Amy Lignor RGIII is in the news a great deal lately when it comes to the discussion about his health and if he should retire early. Does he have the strength to actually get through a season and prove that he is just as good as people thought he […]

A Supernatural Football Game


  A Supernatural Football Game ~ Amy Lignor   Eli and Peyton Manning – most often in the headlines for being the best (well, perhaps not Eli and the Giants this year considering what has gone on). However, the Manning name is still heralded with Super Bowl wins, amazing comebacks, and Peyton’s constant setting of […]