A ‘Hairy’ Situation in the NFL


A ‘Hairy’ Situation in the NFL ~ Amy Lignor An old debate reappeared over the past few days in regards to the power of facial hair when it comes to sports professionals performing better when a coat of fur is grown on their face. Now when it comes to chicks out there, there is definitely […]

When the Gridiron is Over


When the Gridiron is Over ~ Amy Lignor RGIII is in the news a great deal lately when it comes to the discussion about his health and if he should retire early. Does he have the strength to actually get through a season and prove that he is just as good as people thought he […]

A Supernatural Football Game


  A Supernatural Football Game ~ Amy Lignor   Eli and Peyton Manning – most often in the headlines for being the best (well, perhaps not Eli and the Giants this year considering what has gone on). However, the Manning name is still heralded with Super Bowl wins, amazing comebacks, and Peyton’s constant setting of […]

The Cardinals Make Others See Red


The Cardinals Make Others See Red  ~ Amy Lignor Nothing is over until it is over. There were NFL teams yesterday, however, that truly felt as if something was coming for them. It was not the smell of success, either; it was more like a stiff smack delivered from the Grim Reaper. This weekend teams […]

The Force of Gronk


The Force of Gronk  ~ Amy Lignor   When you think of the best NFL tight ends in the business – past or present – there are a few names that will spring to mind. Yet no one seems to be more loved by their fans, their rivals’ fans, their team members, and even the […]

The Clap-Trap Regarding Kap


   The Clap-Trap Regarding Kap  ~ Amy Lignor Montana may be sobbing. Jerry Rice may be shaking his head. But the fans of the 49ers are not. Colin Kaepernick seems to have gone from soon to be superstar to “Where am I again?” But even with the problems this season, the kid is good. He […]

The NFL Boss


The NFL Boss ~ Amy Lignor This may not be the ‘New World’ – after all, anyone who has been around a while knows that Jerry Jones is the lifeblood of the Dallas Cowboys, so his face on screen or on the field is anything but new. BUT, before you get mad and start screaming […]

A Gentle Giant Wins Fans


A Gentle Giant Wins Fans ~Amy Lignor Everyone already knows that David did not beat Goliath. David did have his banner season. He looked strong, courageous, and made a lot of baseball fans out there eat their proverbial words. But, in the end, Goliath (AKA San Francisco Giants) took yet another championship. There are those […]