A ‘Reindeer’ Check


  A ‘Reindeer’ Check by Lacey Hunt Yes, it is time to think about that midnight ride. No…not Paul Revere. THE midnight ride. This is the time where a sleigh is filled, and some truly inspiring creatures rise up and carry a man named Santa across the moon and across the seas so that all […]

The World is Full of Cats & Do


The ‘Players’ in the Circle of Life Continue to be Discovered  ~ Samantha Lewis In 2013, a brand new species of cat was discovered living in Northeastern Brazil. Out of the blue, this new cat known as the ‘tigrina’ was specified as being a ‘new’ species because of the fact that the two populations of […]

The New Visitors Flocking to the Eiffel Tower


The New Visitors Flocking to the Eiffel Tower  ~ Samantha Lewis Yes, that is ‘grazing’ and not ‘gazing’, before you begin to wonder if the editor perhaps consumed too much turkey on gobbler day and can no longer correct articles properly.   As we all know in the United States protests are going on everywhere. […]

If ‘Green’ is Not Taken Seriously ‘White’ Will Take Over


  If ‘Green’ is Not Taken Seriously ‘White’ Will Take Over ~ Samantha Lewis   Climate change is an issue that comes and goes in the headlines. At some points throughout the past and present the faltering climate is major news, with people like Al Gore attempting to shine the spotlight on the huge problems […]

The Green Line Between Magic & Reality


The Green Line Between Magic & Reality ~ Samantha Lewis There are magicians and illusionists out there that can head to a stage or occur in a writer’s imagination. Yet the more our present-day world continues forward, the things we once thought were magic are now becoming far more of a reality. It is a […]

Little Green Men Aren’t the Only Things Calling YOU!


Little Green Men Aren’t the Only Things Calling YOU! ~Samantha Lewis Roswell, NM – the home of the little green men. Right? Yes. But that is most definitely not the whole picture when it comes to this incredible area that works extremely hard to conserve wetlands, protect wildlife, and allow families to have a whole […]

Protecting History’s Roots


  Protecting History’s Roots ~ Samantha Lewis   When speaking about the environment there are many subjects to talk about: saving habitats, regenerating wildlife populations; cleaning up the oceans of the world, etc.   And when it comes to history, there are organizations working to make sure our past does not waste away. Buildings are […]

An All Hallows Eve in ‘Green’


An All Hallows Eve in ‘Green’ ~ Samantha Lewis   All Hallows Eve… The night to scare and be scared by things that go bump in the night. Of course, on October 31st, we all want to have safety and fun for our kids and ourselves. This time around, however, we can also keep our […]