Pumpkins Revitalizing Planet Earth


Pumpkins Revitalizing Planet Earth ~ Samantha Lewis Charlie Brown had it years ago, and ever since then both gardeners and children who love Charlie Brown’s stories (which will forever be a part of American holiday television), know how amazing it is to create that ‘Great’ pumpkin for all the world to see. However, it is also […]

Wild & Scenic Film Fest in Helena


Wild & Scenic Film Fest in Helena features Montana oil & gas film ​Mark your calendar for Thursday, Oct. 23, at Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts for two hours of fun, engaging, and short independent films about our natural environment – issues, adventure, inspiration. A film about oil and gas development in Montana and produced […]

The Battle of ‘Oil versus Lizard’


The Battle of ‘Oil versus Lizard’ ~ Samantha Lewis Credit should always be given for the defenders of the wildlife out there who are doing their absolute best to protect and save both creatures and habitats that are disappearing worldwide. Fights are won and lost. Some even change and become more than a bit confusing: […]

State of Wyoming Coal Port Appeal Rejected

rejected red square  stamp

State of Wyoming coal port appeal rejected   The Oregon Department of State Lands rejected the State of Wyoming’s appeal of Oregon’s decision to deny a key permit to develop the Port of Morrow coal export port on the Columbia River in Oregon. The permit had been sought by Ambre Energy, a financially troubled Australian […]

Time is Ticking for the Flying Squirrel


Time is Ticking for the Flying Squirrel ~ Carmen Schwartz   You would never imagine that the squirrel population needs protection when you look out your porch doors and see them running up and down the trees outside, scurrying away from the cats, or stopping dead in their tracks when the dog barks and basically […]

Obama Walks Stonehenge: A Place With Answers


Obama Walks Stonehenge: A Place With Answers ~ Samantha Lewis Yes, the President of the United States has been dealing with some pretty tough issues of late. Of course, that comes with the job. But after the NATO summit – which was high on intensity, considering the fact that the evil of ISIS is hanging […]

Green Ideas & Green Cash Make the Gaming Industry Thrive


Green Ideas & Green Cash Make the Gaming Industry Thrive  ~ Samantha Lewis ‘Green’ comes in two forms with the gaming industry in 2014. The ‘green’ – as in cash – is what the gaming industry is seeing more and more of these days. There have been huge deals announced in the marketplace just this past […]

A Company Still Fighting a Battle That Should be Lost


A Company Still Fighting a Battle That Should be Lost ~ Samantha Lewis When it comes to the saving of a species – whether that be plantlife or wildlife – obstacles arise around every corner. For every no-kill shelter opened, five more dolphins seem to die in a net somewhere. For every person who helps […]