Bozeman REI — Bears and Backcountry: what you need to know

Bozeman REI — Bears and Backcountry: what you need to know

  • Date: 7/23/2014
  • Event Location: Bozeman REI
  • Event Fee: Free
  • Time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM MDT
  • Instructor: Keystone Conservation
  • Group Size: 30


Keystone Conservation has worked since 1991 to protect and restore native predators and their habitat. Originally founded as the Predator Project, Predator Conservation Alliance grew into a regional leader advocating to protect the full suite of native carnivores. In its early years the organization explored ways to protect carnivores from human caused mortality, a primary threat.

Due to the success of the group’s initial Coexisting with Predators program, Predator Conservation Alliance consolidated its resources toward on-the-ground proactive work to deter conflict between people and carnivores in 2005.

Tim Bennett, Keystone’s bear coexistence program director, will present information including the identification, ecology, and behavior of bears and will offer safety tips for recreation in bear country. He will also give a demonstration on how to properly use bear spray using inert canisters.

Seating is limited so please preregister ahead of time. Unoccupied seats will be released to the public at start time.